What Happens To An Eye That Doesn’t Blink?


March 13, 2017


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What first comes to mind when you think of an unblinking eye?

Lack of privacy?

For me, an unblinking eye is something that we often forget is always watching. It’s those things that are always around us and usually make us feel empty when they aren’t close by.

A cell phone is an unblinking eye. Most humans have a cell phone, a cell phone that they keep close to them and guard at all times of the day. Talk about a perfect “unblinking eye”.

Even I am a victim to this, my cell phone is typically always within an arm’s reach, making it the perfect listening device for anyone that has an interest in me. After all, we live in the internet of things and to think we all aren’t interconnected is pretty far fetched. New items have recently released; new blinking eyes if you will. Amazon Echo is there for you with all of your wishes and desires… always listening. We would be naive to think that these devices aren’t always listening and collecting data on us. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but it’s not all good either. This world is run by marketing, everything is in place to make money and figure out how to make more of it. How can we better sell to the people who already buy from us?

There are a lot of unblinking eyes in this world and more are coming. Just be aware of them and you can’t be monitored in negative ways.

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